I. General curriculum related affairs

Offers course planning services


II. Drafting and establishing the University Calendar

Offers university calendar drafting service


III. Drafting and establishing the sit-in credit add/drop notice

Offers credit add/drop selection service for sit-in courses


IV. Organization of the student course selection procedure

Offers student course selection services


V. Establishment of course standards

Establishes relevant course standards


VI. Summer semester related affairs

Offers services for student to retake/make up courses in the summer semester


VII. Affairs pertaining to make-up mid-term/final exam

Processes applications for make-up mid-term/final exam


VIII. Issuing test/exam assignment notification

Offers test/exam assignment notification services


IX. Arrangement of class visits

Offers class visit arrangement services


X. Affairs pertaining to semester opening

Offers semester opening related services


XI. Arranges field trips/external practicums

Processes applications for field trips/external practicum


XII. Arranges instructor switch/substitution

Processes applications for instructor switch/substitution


XIII. Verification of instructor absence/lesson make-ups

Verifies instructor absence/lesson make-ups


XIV. Application and approval of Chinese/English course descriptions

Processes and approves applications for Chinese/English course descriptions


XV. Organizes the contest participation incentive program

Offers students specific incentives for their participation in various contests and competitions


XVI. Convention of curriculum committee meetings

Offers services relating to the convention of curriculum committee meetings


XVII. Convention of academic affairs meetings

Offers services relating to the convention of academic affairs meetings


XVIII. Organization of teaching evaluations

Offers services relating to teaching evaluations


XIX. Deprival of a student’s right to take the final exam

Compiles statistics for the number of students deprived of their rights to take the final exam


XX. Mimeograph printing

Processes applications for mimeograph printing services


XXI. Other curriculum related affairs

Offers other curriculum related services